Customer Service Manager

Reporting to: Manager of Service Management
Location: TBC
Salary: £45/50k plus benefits

Company Background

Our client is a leading provider of fully managed network services providers. Now an independent business within the Lloyds Development Capital family, our client has entered the next exciting phase of its development.

Job Role

The Customer Service Manager (CSM) ensures that our client meets its Service Level commitments on the products and services contracted to his/her designated customers. Acting as the advocate of the customer, the CSM ensures that the customerís requirements, concerns and issues are understood and addressed by the relevant internal teams, whilst also ensuring that all activities undertaken are in the best interests of the company. This will be achieved by building open, trusting and professional relationships with the key customer contacts and also the key teams responsible for providing the services to the customer. In the course of this relationship building, the CSM establishes a comprehensive understanding of both the customerís business requirements and the companyís products and processes that are used to support the customer, and works with the Account Team to help identify new opportunities and services. The CSM is also responsible for the financial management of their customersí contracted services.

The CSM measures and reports on company performance against the metrics and targets set out in the Service Level Agreements set out in each customer contract, and present these to the customer in regular Service Review Meetings conducted at the customer premises. When Service Level targets are repeatedly missed and/or other major issues occur, the CSM is responsible for managing the resolution of the issues using a Service Improvement Plan.

Principal Accountabilities

Management of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Expectations and Retention through the Service Management activities listed below:

Service Level Management (KRA1)

The CSM is ultimately responsible for managing the levels of service provided to their designated customers. This includes the following activities:

  • Using data obtained from EGSís operational systems, produce regular Service Reports detailing EGSís actual performance against the targets and thresholds set out in the customerís Service Level Agreements (SLAís), e.g. Service Availability, Time to Repair, Packet Loss etc. These customer specific reports will be produced either Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly, depending on what has been contractually agreed with each customer.
  • Proactive analysis and trending of statistical data and performance reporting in order to identify recurrent problems and potential capacity and performance issues.
  • Identification and resolution of process issues that negatively impact EGSís ability to adhere to the contractually agreed SLAís.
  • Pro-active input to commercial SLA negotiations for your designated customers, ensuring that the companyís operational capabilities are accurately reflected and that all targets are realistic and achievable.
  • Ensure that your customersí data is correctly documented in all of the relevant operational and reporting systems. Where necessary, engage the data owners to amend incorrect or missing data.

Service Improvement Management (KRA2)

Where EGSís service levels fall below the contractually agreed targets and/or where Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) falls below acceptable levels, the CSM is responsible for delivering the necessary service improvements to correct this. This entails the following activities:

  • Writing a Service Improvement Plan (SIP) that captures the key issues impacting the customerís service levels, the appropriate actions required to resolve these issues, the owners and the timescales
  • Engagement of the relevant operational teams required to deliver the necessary improvements
  • Active project management of the actions documented in the CSIP through to closure
  • Regular & planned communication with the concerned customer
  • Ensuring that the SIP is kept up to date and is available to the customer via the Customer Portal (Insite)

Relationship Management (KRA3)

The CSM is responsible for establishing good working relationships, based on trust and mutual respect, with the key contacts within their customer accounts. This includes the following activities:

  • Act as your customersí advocate within EGS, ensuring that their requirements and expectations are understood by the relevant operational and support teams
  • Manage your customersí expectations, ensuring that they accurately reflect the service levels documented in the contract and the operational capabilities of EGS
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of both the Customerís business drivers and requirements and the associated products and services
  • Proactive involvement with sales, bid management and solutions consulting to assist in the identification of additional services within your accounts
  • Ensure that Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is maintained at an acceptable level, minimising the risk of potential revenue churn in your allocated accounts

Escalation Management (KRA4)

The CSM acts as an escalation point for their designated customers in situations where the customer feels that the normal support and escalation processes have failed. This includes the following activities:

  • Full ownership of the escalation until the incident or issues are resolved
  • Engagement of the relevant teams needed to resolve the issues responsible for the escalation
  • Escalation of the incident or issue to the relevant operational and/or functional management levels where necessary
  • Ensuring that related complaints are filed and handled within the required deadlines.

Financial Management (KRA5)

The CSM is responsible for the financial management of their customersí services, ensuring that all contracted services are billed accurately and as per the contracted frequency, and that any issues preventing payment of invoices are resolved in a timely manner.

Change Management (KRA6)

In certain circumstances, the CSM will be responsible for owning and managing changes to the customerís solution. This could include configuration changes, upgrades, downgrades and additions to the customerís services. This will involve the following activities:

  • Identifying the scope and implications of the requested change on the companyís services
  • Identifying and engaging the relevant technical resources needed to action the change
  • Raising the formal Change Request, including any additional costs
  • Overseeing the implementation of the change and the handover back to operational support
  • Ensuring that the technical teams reflect the change in the appropriate operational systems and documentation

Additional Information

Presales activities

From time to time the CSM may be required to assist in the production of sales proposals, ensuring that Service Management sections are completed in a professional and accurate manner. They may also be required to represent Service Management at pre-sales Customer Bid Presentation meetings.


Technical Competency

  • Active knowledge of MPLS networks and/or Managed Hosting services.
  • Knowledge of national and international IP networking including security applications.

Business knowledge

  • Extensive experience in a Customer Service environment, including ownership of the Service Management relationship with large corporate customers
  • Knowledge of SLA management and the service lifecycle.
  • Understands the commercial drivers affecting the contract.
  • Understands the criticality of the companyís services to the customersí business operations. Has strong appreciation of the both the commercial and customer value of delivering against SLAís.
  • Is able to contribute to bids and sales presentations where appropriate

Business Partnering

  • Is able to develop strategic relationships with the companyís largest corporate customers, identifying promoters and detractors within the accounts.
  • Acts as the Customerís advocate, understanding the customerís business drivers and their service requirements from the company. Develops strong relationships with key players within the customer organisation, based on trust.
  • Is able to proactively identify potential risks to the customerís services and take the appropriate mitigating actions.


  • Is able to lead high level customer meetings and initiatives within the company.
  • Is able to pro-actively take ownership of service improvement initiatives and project manage to full resolution.

Problem Analysis

  • Is able interpret complex data from multiple sources & provide clarity to key stakeholders.
  • Is able to develop high quality service and performance reports, identifying any performance or capacity issues.
  • Maintains high levels of accuracy in all customer documentation

Personal Ownership

  • Demonstrates strong ownership of the customer relationship.
  • Takes full responsibility for ensuring that issues and actions are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Is proactive in recognising when action is required to avoid potential issues.

Results Orientated

  • Exhibits a dynamic & dedicated attitude towards EGSís strategic objectives.
  • Consults with all relevant departments to ensure that proposed solutions are feasible.
  • Resolves problems & queries using all available tools & sources of information.
  • Is focused, organised and plans ahead.
  • Effectively utilises systems for storing & retrieving customer information
  • Sets realistic expectations & deliverables.

Project Management

  • Is able to effectively manage a number of concurrent customer service improvement projects. (SIP Management)
  • Demonstrates clear planning capability.
  • Proactively manages all tasks and dependencies

Adaptability & Flexibility

  • Is able to modify own style and behaviours in order to achieve a win/win situation
  • Manages change effectively, ensuring buy in and support from all stakeholders.
  • Understands that change is necessary in the pursuit of constant improvement and reacts positively to it

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